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  • Women Protection Laws: Implementation, Necessity and Rights Available
    Authored by Harshita Saluja First year BBA LLB student “We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men and women are created equal.”                                                                 – Elizabeth Cady Stanton Implementation of Women protection laws[1] Indian Constitution ensures Right to Equality […]
    Authored by Saksham Agarwal First year law student from Symbiosis Law School Pune Introduction The Constitution of a nation is the document which draws the line between order and anarchy, it is the supreme law of the land. Without a […]
  • Environmental Law: Human Rights Perspective in India
    AUTHORED BY- JAHNAVI, FROM AMITY UNIVERSITY PATNA. Introduction- The term environmental law and human rights are inter-related as both are concerned with development and promotion of human welfare. Consistent with Merriam-Webster dictionary the term Environment is defined as the complex […]

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