About Us

LAWriter’s Hub is a Virtual Education and Training Hub for students belonging to legal background. The primary of motto of LAWriter’s Hub is to bring transformation in society through legal awareness. What can be better than a state having all it’s citizens aware of their own rights and duties towards the state and other citizens.

As the saying exists, “Start transformation from your own home, the world will change itself”. So, could there be any better option than aiming legal fraternity and law students community?
And this is the basic idea our motto suggests,“LET’S WRITE FOR INDIA’S INSIGHT”.

We offer training to Under-Graduate law students ranging from freshers, in various skills that are essential for every Law Student. Therefore, we release internships occasionally in different fields, viz Legal Research, Legal Writing, Precise Writing, Judgement Writing, Editing, Proofreading. The interns are well evaluated on their skills by a Panel of Distinguished Professionals.

We train students via practical experiences in fields like public speaking, leadership, professional communication, resume building, answer writing (for Judiciary aspirants), drafting, presentation skills, etc.
There are various scopes for students and freshers from courses other than law, viz graphic design, management, marketing, etc.

Except internships we organize free interview sessions with eminent personalities of legal professions which are inspiration to millions. Occasional competitions like Debate, Quiz, Memorial-Writing, Article Writing, etc. are another medium of offering training to law students.
To aid students with legal concepts and latest updates, we regularly publish articles and blogs on legal, social and contemporary topics.

Inspired by personal experiences of difficulties as well as hard-work, we hereby owe to pass the lessons to society-at-large.
To Join us in any manner, one can apply via mail to lawritershub@gmail.com .

Come, Join us to explore more!!!