Human Rights in Beginning Towards Better World

 Authored by Arunoday Devgan Law Student from DME GGSIPU

This article’s main essence is to apply your thoughts on the world moving towards its development. Its growth depends upon the rights and laws introduced and governed in a nation by state the and its citizens. The main objective always has been International peace with upliftment of Human Rights in the world.

Nelson Mandela once said “To Deny People their Human Rights is to challenge their very Humanity”.

Human Rights are the rights which has been introduced in our history to put a responsibility on the state and individual to be functioned. Human Rights have been in the limelight when it comes with international conflict and ideas lead to disparity.

International Conflict is defined as a term which effects the world as a whole. It is a conflict which happens between two nations or in particular nation itself against their government.

The correct meaning of Human rights is having a well-being and safe society which leads to peace. These rights are not only about the bodily or direct violence but when there is indirect structural violence such as racism, sexism, poverty. It is not only focusing on absenteeism of war but making a world with better governance of law.

International Conflict are of three types i.e. Ethnic, Religious, and Ideological. These conflicts have been specified with great sense of assessment by people in authority. There had been an intangible element that is being suspected when it comes to ethnic hatred, religious feeling or ideology.

There is always been a distinction between national and international conflict. The main aspect is the idea of conflict which is there to proclaim the circumstances that come into its effect. International Conflict has been a hurdle for the world to grow and work as whole unit towards its development.

International Human Rights Law plays a specific role towards building a safeguard for the series of armed conflicts that happen in the world in which any person involved actively or not will be getting protection. The serious aspects of encroachments are genocide, war crimes and crime against humanity, like making of detention centers or making people slave.

International Human Rights Law has been there since a very long time and the amendments and laws had made this world aware about its setting of protection and responsibility to the state and its citizens even in time of emergency and conflicts.

This law basically safeguards the people affected by armed conflict and guards the person.

International humanitarian law has various facts and guidelines that have been setup for various humanitarian reasons. It is to safeguard and bound it from consequences. International Conflict is now seen as threat to International Peace. The main limitations of this conflict are the competence of being powerful or ideological difference and scarce of resources. Examples are India-China, Britain-Iceland, North Korea- South Korea.

This law is made for creating Humanitarian Aid at the time of armed conflict. It has been mentioned as International Relief and Development Aid and is defined under the time of crisis or emergency situations. These are the times in which there is a need to save lives, provide food, clothing and moving the position in maintenance of Human Dignity. Also focusing on addressing the socio-economic factors which has not been taken into consideration and resulted into crisis and emergency.

Armed conflict has been studies by the vast process of knowing about United Nation and International Human Rights Law involvement. In 1991 there has been two departments termed as General Assembly resolution and Department of Humanitarian Affairs. The above two departments created swapping Disaster Relief Coordinator of the United Nation which was made in 1972.

The rights of victim have been the main subject of importance when the discussion of armed conflict in relation to IHL. In 1954 convention has introduced by the safeguard of cultural acreage in the incident of armed conflict.1972 Biological Weapons Conventions, 1977 protocols been stated in safeguard of victims in armed conflict, 1980 Conventional Weapons Convention Protocols, 1993 Chemical Weapons Convention, 1997 Ottawa Convention. In the year 2000 the protocol has been made into action where involvement of children in armed conflict and child rights is been said in its convention.  

Human Rights creates a big impact towards having a sense of morality towards the society and thinking of the authority creating decision towards the citizens welfare.

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