Paper authored by Sulagna Sarkar, law student from South Calcutta Law College


We all know that Media plays a vital role in every happening and occurrence across the world as well as post Mortem the incident, motives and objective of government to govern individuals. But any other function of media whether it is to be accepted or rejected depends upon its legality as per the provision of the law of that particular country. So, naturally media has a significant role to highlight the aspects of any motion, act, incident, crime etc. Unless and until media do not highlights the legal aspects, supported with the Constitutional experts citizen will remain in dark in regards to the right or wrong of any incident.

So Media and legal requirements are keenly related. It is also to keep in mind that media has some limitations. And the research paper further discusses such limitations and crude reasons behind it along with the rudimentary requirement of legal agenda for this issue. So many aspects are there, which become the limitations to any media to be very free and impartial in regards to legal requirements. However, media is considered to be the 4th pillar of democracy so they should have unique morality, sense of ethic and Braveness to highlight the exact fact. But nowadays partiality and biasness of media is observed globally. Medias are been deeply influenced and run by eminent capitalists, businessman and politicians which creates obstruction in the path of opening up the truth of the fact that a media covers and sometimes it draws massive change in the actual scenario and violates its own obligations. This is the reason there is a need for limitation of MEDIA FUNCTION as a requirement of legal agenda.

Key Words:

Democracy, Sovereignty, International politics, Legal agenda, Freedom of speech, Freedom of expression

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