Digital India in the eyes of vague

Blog authored by Advocate B.Swati Lakshmi (Specialized in LLM Business Law), Chennai

For every lock, there is someone out there trying to pick it or break-in.

David Bernstein

In today’s virtual world, without mobile and Wi-Fi, nobody would be able to fiddle around a day. Whereas, in India, innovations have been increasing in everyday aspects. We belong to a mixed economy with both rural and urban peoples living, the standard of usage of technology has been increased. Only 40%  are living in a really sophisticated life with all facilities, and the remaining 60% are still in the line of poverty. Both classes of people are been suffering from cybercrime, but they never take the initiative to the complaint at the “cybercrime portal.” This portal helps to report Email hacking, obscene content, videos of abuse, online scam, or fraud.

But, crime has been increasing in the daily aspect, especially through social networks and child pornography, which leads to abuse and rape. There are many reasons to examine why such a crime is taking place, due to poverty, improper parental care, illiteracy, manipulation, uneven situations, nobody could judge unless getting to analyze the victim.

The more they suffer from the age of 13 to 21 years through social network scams and hacking that leads to abduction and abuse.

The POCSO Act, 2012 brought up with strict laws to protect children from such crime.

Even though the law and the cybercrime portal are available, nobody could bring awareness or educate schools on this topic which gave me distress. People are scared to expose themselves when such crime happens, or they become introverted and isolated. The modern world needs to parent children with more values in educating on these crimes.

Before the third person enters your child’s life or any individual you care about, it’s better to resolve their issues and report in the cybercrime portal.

 In recent times, the brutal abuse cases been noticed by media, there are numerous pornography videos, and photographs of teenage girls have been rescued. Nobody took it to notice for many years until the crime has been increased. There are still many girls suffering from such trouble, but they are helpless.

I have helped many of my friends who have been through such situations in life. Unless they have given more confidence and boldness to face these situations to report either to their parents or to society, this will keep continuing for years, and India will be in the” eyes of vague.”

There is one major problem for all of us is how to expose these issues to society and parents and often think about what others would think about me? Will this society accept me? We have come far better than before in this modern society. Everyone gets educated and earns well but the awareness of these issues hasn’t brought to society.


The values change, technology changes, gender inequality changes, but cybercrime keeps increasing towards girls and women which need to be changed.

We cannot blame the administration, all we need to do is educate the illiterate and focus good parenting on your boy is more significant to avoid these crimes. Why generally I assume the boy is because, even though women empowerment, freedom of speech, right to equality all these in terms of theory and practical appears. Still, many girls or women are not able to walk safely on road because of Eve teasing a and harassment. Does our society need more awareness or the law has to be strict or should the parents take the adhere to manage a boy brought up?.

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  1. I really appreciate this blog since the author laid emphsis her concern over good parenting , awareness about cyber crime and how it affects youth. We should create good society and grow along with technology. The whole human kind emerge from women hence the boys and girls should respect each other and learn to use technology for a greater achievements not to use for unlawful purpose. Great Swathi Hope this publication will reach many more and create awareness.

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