Bharati Vidyapeeth, New Law College, Pune

College Review authored by Nandini Mangla, law student from BVPNLC, Pune


BVPNLC was established in 1978 as an institute of excellence in the field of legal education. It is one of the units of Bharati Vidyapeeth Pune and recognized by the bar council of India and UGC. It offers legal education at under graduate, post graduate levels in form of LLB3yr, BA.LLB and LLM [trimester and 2 yrs course ] 5yrs, BBALLB 5yrs. Besides these college offers several diplomas and certificate courses like labour laws, taxation laws, cyber laws etc. Innovative programmes in inter disciplinary courses and para legal courses have also been introduced in the form of BBA.Law. The faculty of law also provides opportunity for pursuing doctorate in law.


Today, the classes are conducted in a pre-existing school building campus away from the main campus as the law building is under construction in the main existing campus. This building is quite inefficient as compared to demands and aspirations of youth plus it is not adequate with respect to the number of students. Student entry to library is quite restricted but you can get all the books you need.

Pros: Playground and sports facility is nice. Regular tournaments are great source of enjoyment. Market is quite near and you cannot face any lack of amenities. The auditorium is impressive and big. It caters to perfectly to the need during seminars and even has a lift.


It is quite easy to get a rented accommodation near the college, but the hostel facility is available. The food is average there.


 Big companies visit in college during placements. The placement is quite good. College has good links with huge law firm so students don’t need to pressurize themselves for placements because as per their capacity they are placed well. Companies like BAJAJ, TATA, brightleaf solutions visit. Written exam (MCQ)->Group Discussion->Personal Interview->Hiring about 40% of students being placed. Proper preparation is provided by faculty.


The faculties are highly qualified and some of them are even gold medalists. Some of them are young some are old comparatively. Lectures are delivered efficiently and doubts are clarified. They are friendly when they need to be. Marking is done honestly and looks fair. They provide you every resource you need so no need to worry on the faculties behalf. Awareness programs are held .Seminars are conducted by people high in the law hierarchy.


Cultural events are held plenty in number like Dance competitions, singing etc. Marathi culture propagations competitions are also held. Personalities like UJJWAL NIKAM & NANA PATEKAR have visited the college to address the students.  Being a law college you will never fall short of seminars to attend.

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