Tamilnadu Dr. Ambedkar Law University, Chennai

College Story by V. Krishna Laasya, a law student from School of Excellence in Law, Tamilnadu Dr. Ambedkar Law University, Chennai

I V. Krishna Laasya, am currently pursuing fifth year B. Com. LL. B (Hons.) at School of Excellence in Law, Chennai. I was, like a typical 12th grader unsure of my future and had whiled away my time organizing events and conducting Culturals at School, courtesy of being a cultural secretary. Owing to my flair for debates and oratorical competitions, I was counseled to take up law, which eventually took my heart.

After joining college, I was immediately drawn to the law of contracts by an amazing faculty and was instantly drawn to law. I had undergone every challenge posed by my college, right from induction into the AIR Academy, Moot Court Experiences and Paper Publications. My internships have always been eye-opening owing to the experiences and the intricacies of the questions posed there. I feel I have grown not only to the extent of embracing the concepts but also as an overall person with dedication and time-saver due to my experiences there.

I was selected in Moot Courts with immense challenges undertaken by clearing out the internal challenger rounds in college. A huge faculty base with immense talent was always supportive and showed me the way to make my moot court experience both fun and enriching.

I have gained an interest in the field of Intellectual Property after pursuing my certificate course in IPR by FICCI. It opened a new door for me and tested my analytical and problem solving skills. My interest in Corporate Laws has emerged after a brief interaction in a seminar and workshop and owing to the intrinsic study of the Companies Act, 2013. Thus, I think I would be able to pursue my dream of pursuing LLM in a good university to enhance my basic knowledge of IPR and Corporate Laws.

The concept of legal flair is important and the aspects of legality of all information, with perfect authenticity and formatting are important to be able to analyze the subject matter properly.

It so happens that though I have interned and gained knowledge in different laws, I personally have always wanted to learn more and pursue content writing in different organizations to be able to hone my research and legal skills. I understand that knowledge in all fields is important and I appreciate the Law writer’s hub for having paved way to this amazing opportunity and the allocation of topics based on personal interests.

Though I have faced many backlashes and failures, I am Confident that I will always hold my chin up high and ready to take on all challenges with a smile.

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