NUSRL Ranchi

College Story by Shouraseni Chakraborty, law student from NUSRL Ranchi

National University of Study and Research In Law Ranchi popularly known as NUSRL was established in 2010 being the fourteenth National Law University of India. Presently boasting a strength of around 600 students, it is one of the premier institutions offering avant-garde legal education in the country.

The university has a bi-semester system for an academic year with special importance given to Continuous Assessments, Courtroom Exercises and Research Theses. The University provides a wide palette of subjects both, in the humanities and the legal field. The students have to study 8 humanities papers in the first two years of their 5 year integrated program, evenly balanced with Law subjects and there is a greater emphasis given to the legal subjects in the next three years. The Library boasts a vibrant collection of books, journals and latest magazines.

The best part of the University is the Professors who are not only efficient, but also extremely helpful and available throughout the day for any small query. A great emphasis is given to mooting, debating and workshops so that the students are industry-ready for the Corporate, Litigation, Judiciary, Civil Services or Academicia. My personal experience has been quite fulfilling, and a mutually beneficial one. The court-room exercises for the varied law subjects has been a driving force behind my mooting skills.

Secondly, the college has provided us access to the legal databases like Manupatra,​ HeinOnline, WestLaw India, Jstor and SCC OnLine, providing remote-access in addition, so that there is no impediment in proper and extensive legal research even when students are away from the college.

The university further has few robustly working committees like the Centre for Research in

Intellectual Property Right (IPR), Centre for Legal Aid Programme (CLAP), The Centre For Criminal Law, The Centre for International Law and The Centre for Philosophy which provides the market knowledge about the subjects and aim at achieving a practical, technical knowledge on the subject, far from the academic approach taken in class. The experience so far in these committees has been extremely useful because of the interaction and knowledge these events entail and impart. On a fundamental level, the recruitment has been impressive over the years and so has been the performance of the students abroad. The best part about the association with such a prestigious institution has been the acceptability and the recognition in the legal field which is overwhelming and fruitful.

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