Amity University Rajasthan

College story by Tushar Ranjan, law student from Amity University Rajasthan


My name is Tushar Ranjan pursuing B.A. LL.B. ,5th Year from Amity University, Rajasthan. My journey began when I visited my college on the day 1. I realized everything when my first semester got over. Even after spending one whole semester in the college, I realized that I couldn’t fully understand what college was like until I explored it for myself. My first couple of weeks was rough and really tested my strength (mental and physical). I faced challenges and obstacles that I had never heard about in those past conversations about college experiences. I can remember missing 9:05 classes because I stayed out too late the night before. In high school the teacher would constantly remind the students when certain assignments were due, but this was not the case in college. I learned that the hard way in my first semester.

Sometimes, I forgot to turn in an assignment because I didn’t properly read my syllabus and my professor never mentioned it. These were all new problems that could have easily let escalate without taking the proper actions. I’ve figured out how to manage my time much better. I had to attend classes from 9:05 and the schedule ended at 5’o clock in thee evening. That means that I’ll study from 9:45 to 11:45 go eat lunch, go to class, then study again. I essentially required learning how to map out my day making use of my time wisely. I’m still not an expert at it but I’m adapting. Balancing all aspects of my life has been the most challenging for me. I had a hard time balancing school, relationships, family, and finding time to study and have fun. When I first came here I was more than overwhelmed, but I realized many of my friends were too. Through time I’ve started to learn how to intertwine the different parts of my life and how to keep myself happy. Yes, I was here for my education but I also need to enjoy my time here and take breaks from studying. So there are some points of time when you are needed to grow up and become an adult. I started to concentrate on my study, working with peers and also keeping a daily to-do list. These factors eventually led to drastic improvement and success. So now, I’ve learned how to manage my time better, how to take advantages of campus resources and also how to organize myself better. These struggles also taught me that sometimes I try and rush through things instead of taking my time. I realized that one of my strongest points is being able to really do well when my back is against the wall. Although, I was unhappy while facing obstacles but I am happy I experienced them. I believe this experience was the reason for my improvement.

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