Marwadi University Gujarat

College Story by Tushar Jain, law student from Marwadi University Gujarat

December 2019 saw the flare-up of one of the deadliest infections ever when China revealed a few instances of irregular pneumonia to the World Health Organization (WHO). The infection stayed obscure for a short time frame. However, it spread widely across Europe and Asia in the long stretches of January and February. Gradually it moved towards India, putting the entire nation under lockdown in the termination of March. The point of convergence of this infection was recognized to be in Wuhan, China. WHO proclaimed a general wellbeing crisis of global concern and named the infection COVID-19. India saw its first fragment of COVID-19 on January 30. Therefore, lockdown was announced.

Government and all the other departments like health and police, in collaboration of each other are working to safeguard us form the virus and are acting as our defense shield against it. So, we need to stay at home so that we don’t get affected. The sluggish scene is filled with laziness and the individuals are humming inside the house. Some bundle of individuals is passion with high considerations to do some beneficial work in these days however toward the end the result is downsized in contrast with the energy they have concocted. These sorts of scenes are seen in larger part and become chuckling one.

So, to avoid this kind of attitude in students, our institute, Faculty of law, Marwadi University is working accordingly for the development of the students. Our institution is using lockdown period viably towards the improvement of students and connecting with them with different scholarly and non-scholastic exercises which won’t segregate students from their examinations and they stay nimble in these inactive kind days. Workforce of Law with group of Faculty individuals is working in a way to offer stage to students by giving different Law courses to upgrade lawful information, game plan with the expectation of complimentary courses for students have additionally been made by Faculty of Law through significant mediums like Coursera and so forth. All together not to intrude on scholastic needs online classes are directed and furthermore the calendar of viva or oral rounds was kept up with very much experienced outside resources. All the faculty members are very anxious to upgrade the understanding degree of students by directing Expert Lectures regarding each matter. With every one of these endeavors the staff individuals are very cheerful to understudies, anytime of time employees are walking to support students and animate them to work viably in now-a-days.

All these things are helping us in clearing our concepts and knowledge. Lately, by their inspiration and help, I have done many courses and published my own articles which has added to my career, and for that help, I would like to thank my institution.

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